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What can I tell you about me that I haven't already said???

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By now you know that I live in Potomac, MD, but I'm sure you'll discover that I'm certainly NOT one of the RHOP or anywhere near that!


I was raised in a small town, where doors where left unlocked and the local hangout was the firehouse (my dad was the Chief at one point). My kids have never experienced that type of living. From their perspective money is something that comes shooting out of an ATM whenever you need cash, or you simply use your ApplePay on your latest Iphone. Life in Potomac is not what the typical family experience is all about. Sure I've tried to ground them somewhat, but it's hard when the people around you get $650 pairs of sneaker just because they can, and they've never heard the words "no, we just can't afford that".


I'd like to believe that the majority of parents want to do the best for their children, and give them more then they had in their childhood. But what happens once you realize that by providing them with all of that, you've actually deprived them of some of that happiness and growth that maybe we're all missing out on now-a-days?

I'm not saying that by taking this poor, broken down, little trailer and trying to put her back together is going to make or change my kids, but I'd like to think that maybe this is the place to begin. Maybe we can work on this, somewhat, together (I say somewhat because I tend to be a little set in my ways once I have a vision, but I'm going to try) and learn to appreciate the simplicity of working with our hand. Then we can reap the benefits by taking her on a few road trips. Although, spending hours on end in the car with my teenage twin girls and 18 year old austic son is a whole other story. 

Keep in mind while you're living my adventure with me, and one or two of my besties, that I've never done anything like this before. I'm not a professional writer nor a handyman. I'm simply a mom in Potomac that grew up spending summers camping and wants to relive a bit of my chilhood, but on my terms... which happens to be turning a piece of trailer trash into something to be proud of.

That's me, with the sunglasses, with one of my besties on our boat in OC over the summer

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