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Thought I'd share some of the pictures my brother, Mark, sent over to me when he stopped by to take a look at my new camper. Needless to say, he wasn't as impressed with her as I was. At least he's willing to help me though if I need it... now that's the Dena spirit!


Of course my other brother drove by, declared her unsalvable and spent the rest of the time on the phone with me trying to reason with me as to why I should not take this on. He believes that you should just buy a new one and not waste money on something that no one would want anyway. WHAT??? Obviously, he has no idea just how instyle, and desirable vintage Scotty campers are. I finally decided that it was easier to just tell him that I'd given up the idea of renovating her, and find another place to house her while I worked on her. I'm pretty sure he'll be eating his words once he see just how amazing she turns out.

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